I have been dabbling in self-taught graphic and web design since I was 14 years old. During my younger days, I would spend hours perfecting Xanga and MySpace layouts for myself and friends. I also enjoyed creating .gif avatars for AIM profiles.

When I launched my teaching blog in the summer of 2013, I designed the blog and graphics myself. The following summer, I decided to launch L. Paull Designs for All, a blog designing company that specialized in blogger designs for educators.

During my 3 years of designing blogs, I envisioned my company expanding to digital and hard goods for everyone, not just teacher bloggers. In the fall of 2015, I began doing just that, but only locally. In January of 2016, I repurposed my design site, lpaulldesigns.com, and started to put my digital and hard goods out there for the whole country.

First and foremost, I am an educator. I’ve been teaching for 5 years, and am currently a 1st grade teacher. That is my career. I love that I have an outlet for my creativity through L. Paull Designs for All, but it is a part-time business, not a full one. I am also a full time graduate student pursuing my Masters to be completed May 2017.

I create all my designs myself, and my husband, Jason, handles 99% of the shipping and processing of orders. He also has 2 other jobs, and works long days just to come home to help with L. Paull Designs for All.

We ask that you remember that this is not our full time jobs, and we are just 2 people running this business in its entirety. We are not meant for mass production, that was never my vision. Since we are people, we do have unexpected twists and turns thrown into our lives, and we ask that you respect these difficult times we may endure. We also want to enjoy the happy times in our lives which includes celebrating holidays and vacationing with our friends and family. We also ask that you be understanding of extended shipping times because we are people, too.

L. Paull Designs for All has become a tremendous blessing in our lives. We thoroughly enjoy creating special items for you and your loved ones. We take grade pride in our work and hope that you love your orders.

Thank you so much for supporting a small business in southeast Iowa. It means the world to us both!

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  1. Do you ship to Canada?

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