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How I started

After several people recommend I start designing blogs, I’ve finally decided to pursue it!

I have always loved graphic design, and in fact, before I decided I wanted to be an educator, that is what I wanted to do. Back in the “olden” days, I would spend hours trying to perfect my MySpace and Xanga layouts, and create them for friends and strangers.

When I started blogging about a year ago, I knew that I would have fun creating my own design. That design has changed 4 times..and will probably change yet again, simply because I’m learning and perfecting my craft every day!

I do this as a hobby, but have decided to start charging, because I do spend a lot of time and effort into each one. I’m also going to be starting graduate school soon, planning for my wedding, so extra income would definitely help!
I’m confident that you will not find a designer as reasonably priced with as much quality. If you do, by all means partner with them.

I design with teachers in mind, but would love to work with anyone who’s looking to spruce up their blog!

I look forward to creating your special design that is perfect for you!

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