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AHHHH!!! I’m so excited to announce that after months (not much time while wedding planning) of working on transferring my blog design site from Blogger to WordPress, it is finally ready to be live. You may notice a much more streamlined and clean look here. This is for several reasons, but mostly because I wanted my site to reflect the professionalism of my business. That means a little less cute. But you can see I didn’t forego my KG fonts. Nope, never going to happen! HA!

You can still access my blogger design site at

Over the next few weeks you may see the design changing a bit still, but overall, I’m very happy with this new look!

In case you didn’t hear the big news…I also opened a shop on Etsy! That is linked to the Custom Printables tab, too. I do custom orders, too!

As of right now, I’m not designing for WordPress quite yet. I hope to offer WordPress design services within the next month.

Thank you so much for your continuous support and love for me and L. Paull Designs for All.

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