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Officially on The Wedding Hiatus

I’m officially on my wedding hiatus from all things L. Paull Designs for All! I have not done a blog design since the end of April, and spent most of May creating business card designs for current blog design clients, and well as design matching those I did not create the blog design for.

My wedding is June 12, and we will be heading to Disney for our honeymoon June 13-18. I will begin returning emails and such soon after I return. I am still booking custom blog designs, and have openings starting July 19.

If you’re thinking about getting a custom design, now is the time to book! I tend to book quickly when I am designing regularly. I will also be starting graduate school this fall, and am unsure of what I will be able to design with my schedule.

Thank you for your constant love and support! I grately appreciate it! For all things wedding, visit my first wedding post on my teaching blog!

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